Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make Word display your videos.

You can use this technique to have a video presented to a student that they can take notes about directly. They are not presented with two windows to switch between nor are they distracted by a full internet browser. The video does not inflate the file size since it remains on YouTube. You can have multiple videos in the one document. You can find a sample here (this will download a zip file called verbs2 which has a word document inside - source


  1. I have found that I must save the file as a Word Macro-Enabled Document in order for the YouTube video to work after the file has been closed.

  2. That sounds like you are doing something else within the document rather than just using the shockwave code. If you get any stray visual basic code put in then you might have that happen. For example if you double click on the shockwave box in design mode you'll end up in the visual basic editor and could trigger something there. However, this does work entirely without the need for triggering macro security and with a plain .docx document as you'll have seen from the example attached above. Try again with a fresh document and try to keep out of the visual basic editor. :-)